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K5 Security Academy
While others simply talk, we at K5 Security Academy are determined to set things in order, when it comes to security concerns. We are committed towards providing you with the best security to safeguard your premises, and thus establish new benchmarks in this domain.

Yes, we are the toughest and the most formidable first line of defense. And it’s easy to ascertain why. To begin with, K5’s recruits are carefully chosen from martial communities, only after a thorough check for moral character.

The action then shifts to K5’s well-equipped and hi-tech training centres at Punjab and New Delhi. Our no-nonsense approach to the task at hand continues by subjecting our regiment of security personnel to the toughest physical training under the guidance of the elite personnel from the armed forces, thus making them supremely fit.

Along with master trainers from Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, we then work on their communication skills and etiquette, which we believe are as important. Frankfinn is the world leader in training in aviation and hospitality, industries that place very high premium on service and soft skills. It is this combination of physical, security and soft skills training, that has resulted in the formation of the most formidable of security force who can handle any situation with competence, discipline and ease. K5 is only for those who believe in quality.

K5 has also put in place teams of female care taking guards, all highly trained to take care and attend to the well-being and health of the senior members in the household - since they require special consideration.

All this has resulted in creating the nation’s most formidable security personnel, tough on the exterior, yet refined and polished when it comes to organisational and residential security.
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